When a wordsmithRuns out of wordsA new word herewithBe crafted by swords Slicing and splicingOld words awayNo need for revisingIt is all for play A dash of wisdomThrown in with gustoCombined with magicMakes wizmagusto What wizmagustoIs happening hereSomething wonderfulIs what I hear Say wizmagustoTo break the spellOf foes and woesBid farewell to hell Love well,…

Happy Easter

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Howling wind ohhhh

Whistling window painsWhines and moans for attentionOh how loud it breathes


Chasing that feelingOf magic and harmonyYearning all the possibilitiesHigh on love and the ocean breezeWith nobody to pleaseBut me, I am freeJust cruising the air wavesTo lighter and brighter daysSun, moon and starsLight the way homeWhere wild hearts roamBlissfully, joyfully, eternallyHere I choose to play.

Mama’s Eyes

Kids, listen, Listen, LISTEN! Quit your dissin’ and hittin’. You’re missin’ all the lessons And now your mama’s hissin’. Oh Mama rises With black slitted eyes Ready to strike all who defy Her with attacks and lies. Bite your tongue, my young Or Mama will smite All the fight Out of your mighty lung. Oh…


Still Side by side Holding hopes alive In memory of shrill cries And the will to live and die Before our eyes We fall and rise Together


Word of the Day Challenge Truth lurks In the shadows Of those Who are exposed. Break the rules, Set yourself free, Become a traitor To your identity. Lift the bars, Reach outside the lines, Run towards the stars Away from your crimes. Walk alone, Faithfully, Into the unknown, Unashamedly.  

Phiddle: What am I?

When opposites meet Tears emerge through walls With bittersweet revelation Giving life to all. When high and low greet Like yin and yang A sensational treat appears Still and silent without a bang. ……………………………………………………… Hey gang! Do you catch my drift? If so, take a break from your shift, and drop a comment or let…


What is the point of life if you cannot revel in it? What is the point of life if you cannot level with it? I don’t need to travel across the globe to unravel the mysteries of good and evil. Revelation can come from reading a novel and allowing my mind to go through an…

Lingering fingers

Word of the Day: Lingering   Above the keyboard My fingers linger bored Waiting for me to grasp the words. They fill the gap With a light tap-tap-tap As lingering fingers would. What should I say To make you stay A little longer than you should? Linger awhile. I’ll find my style. Then, type a…


Word of the Day: Incoherent What is this nonsense? My brain doesn’t compute. My heart does not understand this dispute. What is there to refute? My thoughts become incoherent as I follow this current of emotion, hoping it does not lead to electrocution, or worse, a mental institution.  


Word of the Day: Justice   Right or wrong, true or false, We hope our compass Will lead us to justice, But is it for just us, ¬†or is it for all?   We shall even the score, give to the poor, Seek an eye for an eye, Forgive or outcry. What more can we…