A Fresh Egg – Day 4

Day 4 of answering this question from my guides – “What would I do with a fresh egg in my hand?” First of all, happy Chinese Lantern Festival in celebration of the first full moon of the new lunar year! Did you know it is a tradition to write riddles on paper notes and paste…


Puffy golden dreams Loom above silhoutte teams Leave me wondering I took this photograph last night as I was waiting to pickup my daughter from band practice. Have I told you the only photos I take these days are inside Vanna, my trusted mini van? I need to get out my van more. Anyways, I…

Photo riddle: What am I?

Wild and free I stand, Protected by silver strands, Beneath the burning sun, Until the day I’m done. #whatami #rhymes #riddles

Phiddle: What am I?

When opposites meet Tears emerge through walls With bittersweet revelation Giving life to all. When high and low greet Like yin and yang A sensational treat appears Still and silent without a bang. ……………………………………………………… Hey gang! Do you catch my drift? If so, take a break from your shift, and drop a comment or let…

Phiddle: What am I?

  Just taking up space, Wondering Why…do I feel so empty? Round and round, I go. Hollow and cold, an open cavity. Then, you picked me up. I felt your embrace Got a taste of your pick-me-up Now waking up to your face, Wondering Why…do we need to feel full? Round and round, we go….

Photo/Riddle – What am I?

I frolic and mince about, Politicking and convincing Palates without taste to shout “Yay! Make haste and put thee on the ballot!” #whatami #whatchutalkinabout #chuonthis #phiddle #poetry #riddle #photographyandriddles

Photo/Riddle – What am I?

Your salty humor gathers peristeronic adoration, like mice to cheese, the cheesier the better for those extra cheddar peckers. But I am not fooled by your shiny crystal karats, for my sea legs know better than to swim with your school of parrots. #whatami #chuonthis #whatchutalkinabout #riddle #photography #phiddle #phiddles #wordplay

Poetry – Where’s my lens?

Some backstory – Last summer while my kids were having fun in the pool,  I was having fun taking photographs around the pool, and out of sheer boredom,  I  decided to share a couple of abstract photos on Facebook asking friends to guess where I was at.  It was a fun exercise in seeing things…

Photo/Riddle – What am I?

I’m overdosed on cellulose, getting parched chasing bunnies high on glucose. Can’t dispose of this fluff, Gotta puff it all up, And then I suppose That will be enough. But before I go adios, Can you please diagnose And disclose what I chose To use in large dose? (Pst. Don’t call McGruff. This isn’t a…

Photo/Riddle – What am I?

I started from the ground up and worked my way through some bull shit until I was fed up and chewed out by filthy animals. My fame and fortune came when I was branded with a new look. Apparently, I was too round, tough and rough around the edges, so they made me sweat it…