Food for thought or school

Little green leaves Fluttering in the breeze As I eat my chili cheese dog In my growling car Parked in a Sonic space Not far from school Where hungry kids drool Should I order more taters To feed them later Or hide the evidence And pretend I was never on this side of the fence…


Puffy golden dreams Loom above silhoutte teams Leave me wondering I took this photograph last night as I was waiting to pickup my daughter from band practice. Have I told you the only photos I take these days are inside Vanna, my trusted mini van? I need to get out my van more. Anyways, I…


Wow, the dust looks even worse in the photo 😂. Gotta love the close ups. Yes, it’s been months since I’ve cleaned this van. Stuff happens. Skin sheds. Dust accumulates. Love my messy life. Inspired by The Spectacled Bean

Living on the Edge

Yesterday morning, as my minivan started up, the orange dot reminded me that “Shit, I forgot to fill up the tank. Oh, well, I have 7 miles left. That’s more than enough.”


Abandoned are these clothes that lie lifeless on the floor of my mobile home.