Food for thought or school

Little green leaves Fluttering in the breeze As I eat my chili cheese dog In my growling car Parked in a Sonic space Not far from school Where hungry kids drool Should I order more taters To feed them later Or hide the evidence And pretend I was never on this side of the fence…


“Daddy, you’re old. Can I renew you?” “I am old. Do you mean you want to make me like new again?” “Yes, daddy, I can renew you!” “You can, eh? Do you have a fountain of youth?” “Yes, daddy, I AM the fountain! And I can make you new again!” “OH, that’s right, you ARE!…


Just one Inch difference Between maturity And superiority bites me For now. A cinquain for #tankatuesday weekly #poetry challenge 307, replacing the words change & grow with the synonyms difference & maturity.

Don’t blink, babies.

Stacked eyes, Wide open, look Deep into Nothingness, But bring joy to hearts of children. We buy. Just learned about Adelaide Crapsey’s cinquains, thanks to Word Craft Poetry . Not sure I have it all figured out, but I enjoyed the process. Writing poetry within a structure is like figuring out a riddle or a…

A note from my kid

The other day I opened a red envelope that I pulled from my kid’s backpack. Inside was a letter that gave me a chuckle. Dear dad, I love you butt I do not like yur berd. I love Mom the most. Your friend, {unsigned}

Daily Prompt: Disney Lush

We took the kids to Disney World this past weekend. It was our first trip there as a family. I was excited to escape to this magical place and be a kid again. I was especially excited to relive the magic of Disney through my kids’ eyes. ┬áIt’s suppose to be “The Most Magical Place…


Abandoned are these clothes that lie lifeless on the floor of my mobile home.