A note from my kid

The other day I opened a red envelope that I pulled from my kid’s backpack. Inside was a letter that gave me a chuckle. Dear dad, I love you butt I do not like yur berd. I love Mom the most. Your friend, {unsigned}

Dish This – Play

I’m going to start a series I call “Dish This” because often while I am doing the mundane task of washing dishes, my mind wanders and plays with all sorts of ideas. So, just a minute ago while I was washing my dishes, and my kids were entertaining themselves with their shows (it’s spring break…


I’ve always wanted children. I imagined having three, one to turn each end of a jump rope and another to jump, because I loved playing jump rope games like double dutch and especially Chinese jump rope as a kid, but I only have one sister and finding other kids to play with us was not always…

Disney Lush

We took the kids to Disney World this past weekend. It was our first trip there as a family. I was excited to escape to this magical place and be a kid again. I was especially excited to relive the magic of Disney through my kids’ eyes.  It’s suppose to be “The Most Magical Place…


Abandoned are these clothes that lie lifeless on the floor of my mobile home.


Children, especially the strong-willed kind, can bring out the best and the worst in you. I know because I have two of them.