Mother Trickster

CreateFun chores for kidsCall it entertainingUntil they grow up and want toBe paid For #tankatuesday weekly poetry challenge #320 using synonyms for the words “work” and “play.”


I watch Through the window A squirrel nibbling grass Like my reflection is watching Me eat. For dVerse Poetics: Window Gazing

Holy cannoli, two green anoles

I spy Through my side eye Lime green reptilians Exposed by the hot pink petals Frozen For Colleen Chesebro’s, Wordcraft Poetry #TankaTuesday weekly poetry challenge 313

Bread and Butter

Evening Craving, crunchy Mouthful of scratch-made dough, Lathered on creamy, golden dreams Of fat.

Pizza night, a mirror cinquain

On bed Of melted cheese Lie crushed red pepper seeds Be careful which slice you proceed To feed. The burn On my tongue satisfies hunger Pains, keep me yearning for… More flavor and Water. For Colleen Chesebro’s #TankaTuesday #TheSpiceofLife #Poetry challenge No. 309

Love, a garland cinquain

I learned about the garland cinquain today, which is “a series of six cinquains in which the last is formed of lines from the preceding five, typically line one from stanza one, line two from stanza two, and so on.” So, here’s a stab at it. I know Of nothing more Powerful, this desire To…

Just write it for me, AI.

Experimenting with this poem generator. Found that it can write didactic cinquains. Definition taken from the website. A didactic cinquain is a specific kind of cinquain, which follows the below pattern: I let it suggest words to a cinquain titled “Love”. The results: Love changeless, unselfish effing, pleasuring, hating Absolutely the best affection Interesting choice…

My Lady

Do not You dare paint me Lounging in the corner Irreverently enjoying Time out. Colleen Chesebro’s #TankaTuesday #Ekphrastic #Poetry Challenge No. 208


Father,Time is runningOut, I must leave this worldBefore its cold fire consumesMy heart. Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #207


Just one Inch difference Between maturity And superiority bites me For now. A cinquain for #tankatuesday weekly #poetry challenge 307, replacing the words change & grow with the synonyms difference & maturity.