Spine-tingling shadows slither and screech Paying the price of painful memoriesEntangled between the past and presentCome out, come out wherever you areTime to face the truth of your taleEmbrace the light and be set freeRemember love is the only way out For Word Craft Poetry #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 321 Write an acrostic poem…

Mother Trickster

CreateFun chores for kidsCall it entertainingUntil they grow up and want toBe paid For #tankatuesday weekly poetry challenge #320 using synonyms for the words “work” and “play.”

Questions about mirrors

Well, since I have been prompted with mirrors by dVerse poet Merril, and I have some time today to write, I thought I’d continue with it as a free write. Are we not all mirrors reflecting light except when in a vacuum hole of darkness? Do we need to see ourselves reflected back through a…

Smile for the mirror

I can always find myselfAbove the sinkThrough a shiny portalThat makes me thinkIs that reallyWhat I look likeOn the other sideGood thing I psychMyself out throughAffirmations untilThe portal revealsThe mirrors in my grill For dVerse Quadrille: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Write a poem of exactly 44 words, not counting the title. Your poem must…


When a wordsmithRuns out of wordsA new word herewithBe crafted by swords Slicing and splicingOld words awayNo need for revisingIt is all for play A dash of wisdomThrown in with gustoCombined with magicMakes wizmagusto What wizmagustoIs happening hereSomething wonderfulIs what I hear Say wizmagustoTo break the spellOf foes and woesBid farewell to hell Love well,…

The Quest

While it may be scaryTo go after your dreamsRemember how veryBright your heart will beam Follow your heart lightIt will show you the pathLearn from hindsightIn a bubble bath The gold is in the lessonsLearned along the wayTo earning the possessionsYou hope will bring better days Remember to balanceThe striving with restAnd be grateful for…


hope is youfinding colorsin the darknesslike a weedthat breaks throughthe tarp and demandsto live and bea part of this worldgrowing, growinggrowing in the gapsdespite it allseen, unwantedtugged, pulled, sprayednothing deters youbecause you belongyou flourishyou are strong

April showers

Dark clouds fill the skyGrumbling, aching, threateningApril showers roarTake cover or be devouredSwept away in a flash flood


I am a wave,I flow,Through mountainsAnd valleys, I goIlluminatedBy the sun,PushedBy the wind,CarriedBy the depthsOf Love within. Photo by Matt Hardy (pexels.com)


I watch Through the window A squirrel nibbling grass Like my reflection is watching Me eat. For dVerse Poetics: Window Gazing


In celebration of Colleen Chesebro’s birthday: Special Birthday Prompt #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 316 This week’s challenge is to create a syllabic form with 65 syllables, or a combination of words that amount to 65. Name the form, and tell us how to write it! I had to pull out a calculator for this one….

Care Bear

This is a poem I wrote in 2019 and read to a real grumpy bear who didn’t quite like it because it was too mushy and rhyme-y, and that makes me LOL. I hope it makes you smile. 🙂 I see you over there,Eyes hidden by your hair,Hoping no one stares,Acting like you don’t care.But…