Morning rain

It’s drizzling this morning. I am grateful for the rain and would not mind if it poured for a few days. We have been in drought for some time (except for the annual ice storm), so I have been slow to get my garden started. I lost a handful of plants from the ice storm, but my knockout roses flourish after a freeze. They are budding like there’s no tomorrow.

My Mexican Oak tree sprouted sometime yesterday, but I didn’t notice it until late evening. It is my largest and only tree in my front yard, and I am so glad it survived and didn’t lose many limbs from the ice.

I just got a Google Pixel 7 Pro a few months ago and have been playing with its awesome camera. It’s hard to see what I’m photographing through the screen in bright conditions, but I try. These phone cameras have improved so much, I don’t even use my chunky SLR anymore except for portraits. I have wanted to bring my professional camera on vacations with me, but I never do because of its weight and bulk. Plus my kids have had enough of me pointing a camera at their face. I do wish to bring all of my gear with me on a photography trip to a foreign land one day.

Anyways, here are some unfiltered images from the Pixel 7 pro. The camera has a 5x optical zoom and 30x AI zoom. The macro is pretty nice, too, but I find myself turning it off and using the zoom to take advantage of the wider depth of field.


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