A Spring Morning

The birds were especially chatty this morning, so I had to poke my head out the backdoor for a few minutes to listen. It was a cacophony of dualities. Nature vs technology.

Hungry baby birds chirped continuously while mama and papa birds tweeted the latest news. Twigs snapped, wings fluttered, and doves cooed. A squirrel sawed off a small twig for its nest. A plane on its descent zoomed overhead, reminding all of nature that humans can fly, too, now. The hum of traffic, the clank of machinery, and the squeal of brakes increased its volume with the sunrise, blanketed by a cloudy sky. Garbage trucks were on their way.

I needed to bag up all of my trash and move the garbage bin out front.

Before going back inside, I hit the sound recorder on my phone thinking it would record at least the birds. When I replayed it, it was 30 seconds of silence. I turned the volume up, but still heard nothing. White noise. My phone tuned it all out. Ah, technology at its finest.

Dark ominous rain clouds were moving in at the front of the house. My hiney kicked into high gear. I whirled through the house with a garbage bag in hand and gathered all of the trash. It had just started to sprinkle as I pulled my bins out front. I was preparing for a rainy, gloomy day, but at the same time asking for the rain clouds to go away.

Sometime between the 15 minute drive to school drop-off and back home, the clouds parted and the sun appeared. The dark clouds went away. The birds quieted.

Now they are chirping again. Spring is here. 🎉


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