Dish This. Fuck you, but I still love you.


All of us come into this life seeking something, and I believe that ultimately that something is love and joy. Not just love and joy for ourselves, but for others. If we were born into this world with at least one person to care for us, be it a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or teacher or friend, then we should call ourselves lucky. If just one person in our life, even if that only person was yourself, gave us the unconditional love we so desperately try to obtain, we should call ourselves lucky. Because life itself, even with all of its painful lessons, is a chance to make a difference in this world. It’s a chance to learn and feel what love and joy truly is, and give it away. Those with a leg up, can more easily make the difference. But those who come into this life with nothing, and still fight each and every day to love themselves and others, are the inspiration. Those who rise out of the trenches of pain and suffering and stare fear and hate straight in the face, and say “FUCK YOU! BUT I WILL STILL LOVE YOU!” are the true warriors.

Do you know what love feels like? Do you know how to give and receive it even when it’s hard? It’s not easy to love when there is fear and hatred directed towards you. It’s not easy to love yourself when everyone around you is being so critical. It’s easy to get angry. It’s easy to point fingers. It’s easy to hide. It’s easy to not try. It’s easy to love when things are going well. It’s easy to love people who like you.

I don’t care what your religion, spirituality, or philosophy in life is. I care about you, as a human being, who is experiencing this incredible thing we call life. LIFE. I want you to feel love like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Love that gets your heart pumping, that makes you take full breaths, that makes you cry because you know you are love and loved, and all will be OK. It starts with you. I want you to feel love for yourself and for others unlike you. I want you to feel your body, see your body, and love your body. I want you to make peace with your mind. I want you to know that your mind is a phenomenal piece of work and capable of ideas that reach far beyond your world. I want your heart to feel light. I want you to have fun, play and create with all of your heart and mind and body. I want you to discover your many gifts and give it away. I want you to start moving in the direction of joy.

This life, it is not easy, but it is worth it.


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