Day 1


Running light footed
Wind pushing me forward
Breathing is a breeze.

Clouds beneath my feet
Bright and sunny skies above
Music in my ears.

Half a mile in
My heart is beating faster
My feet feel heavy.

Yes! Stop sign ahead
Run or walk…tough decision
Run, you can do it.

Focus on breathing
Looking ahead makes it worse
It’s OK to walk.

Each breath cuts my lungs
Switch focus to the music
Heart beats in my head.

Maybe start counting
Walk 60 run 120
I am halfway there.

At least it’s cool out
Can’t imagine summer heat
I would be dead now.

Still sweating like mad
Punching the air like Rocky
Ignoring the pain.

No more clouds in sight
Sinking like a submarine
Thinking about home.

How much longer now?
Less than a mile to go
I can’t believe it.

I know I got this
Mark this off my to do list
Four mile run walk, check.


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