Jolt, A Haiku

My heart stops beating
Paddles jolt me back to life
Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. 🙂

Speaking of being jolted… have you ever been jolted out of sleep to find that you feel like your entire body is vibrating really fast, as if you’re oscillating? You may even feel like your bed is shaking, but you see that it’s not. You may think it’s your heart racing, but when you feel your pulse, it’s much slower than this vibration. You may think your body is actually shaking, but you see no tremors in your hand or any other movement in your body. This strange vibrational sensation seems to be completely mental, but it feels very real, and it doesn’t last more than a minute or two, especially once you get out of bed and start moving. I experience this when I am pulled out of sleep abruptly or prematurely, perhaps out of deep sleep… I really don’t know exactly what stage of sleep I’m in. I should probably get a fitbit to track my sleep cycles. Anyways, it’s something I’ve grown accustomed to… but I’ve only recently been aware of the sensation not being caused by my heart racing. I’ve always thought it was just my heart, which is crazy, because if my heart really beat as quickly as I felt I was vibrating, I’d be having a heart attack. I’ve always just been too tired to give it any thought, and I’d just go back to sleep. However, I happened to take a nap one afternoon and was jolted out of sleep to this vibrational sensation again, and it was very strong. I don’t always feel as if my bed is shaking, but this time my bed felt like it was shaking. It wasn’t really shaking, or I’d really be freaking out. But I could hear my heart beat, and it was slow and steady. I felt my pulse just to make sure, and it was fine. I lifted my arms and held it out in front of me, and they were steady as well. Yet, I felt like I was vibrating out of my skin… and not just any sort of vibration… a circular or centrifugal vibration… like I described before… like an extremely fast oscillation. But it’s not a dizzying one, not like vertigo. It doesn’t feel like I’m *in* a spinning tea cup or like the world around me is spinning. It feels like I *am* the spinning tea cup, or the washing machine on the spin cycle. So, I Googled this, and found I’m not alone. Many people have experienced this. Nobody really knows what it is or what causes it. I haven’t found a medical explanation for it. So, for now, I’ll just call it my “good vibrations.” Let me know if you have ever experienced your own good vibrations. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Jolt


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