I’ve always wanted children. I imagined having three, one to turn each end of a jump rope and another to jump, because I loved playing jump rope games like double dutch and especially Chinese jump rope as a kid, but I only have one sister and finding other kids to play with us was not always easy where we lived. My sister and I improvised by hooking one end of the rope to a door knob or chair, but on rare occasions when another kid could play with us it took the games to another level! We’d make our Chinese jump ropes by connecting rubber bands Rainbow loom style, but without the loom. They were so much fun. Anyways, three was the minimum needed for an awesome game of jump rope, and so three kids close in age was what I had envisioned for my own family. Well, I have two now, and that’s all we’re going to have, and that is totally okay with me. I can be that third kid playing with my two kids, and that is in essence what I have learned about parenting. It’s seeing the world through my kids’ eyes by truly being present with them, playing jump rope with them, going along with them on their imaginative adventures, coloring beside them… allowing myself to be that kid again… when the world was so new and so full of wonder. I live for those moments with my kids. The funny thing is… as my kids’ egos are developing… and boy are they developing strong and fast… I am also observing that my ego is rearing its ugly head. So now, as a parent, I do have to step up my game and make sure that I keep my ego in check. It was easy before kids, but not so easy now. It is truly a daily practice. My kids know exactly how to test me. So I trust that as I get better at handling my thoughts and emotions, my kids will, too. If only I can find a way to keep my kids still, hahahaha!



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