Daily Prompt: Disney Lush


We took the kids to Disney World this past weekend. It was our first trip there as a family. I was excited to escape to this magical place and be a kid again. I was especially excited to relive the magic of Disney through my kids’ eyes.  It’s suppose to be “The Most Magical Place on Earth”, so by golly, I expected everyone to have hearts and stars in their eyes! I imagined myself and my kids imbibing the lush world of Disney and becoming drunk on magic and wishes and dreams. Take my soul, Disney; I am your lush! I want to be HAPPY! I want EVERYONE to be HAPPY!

Well, I got what I wanted and more. I got ALL THE EMOTIONS… Love, excitement, awe, joy, anxiety, confusion, annoyance, frustration, disgust, anger, sadness, remorse, and all the ones in between. Through it all I was searching for trust, serenity, and gratitude…gratitude…gratitude.

It isn’t easy traveling with the family. All is great once the destination is reached, but the journey…all that walking… all those people… all the waiting… all the complaining…can beat you down. It’s a challenge not letting the negative emotions of my loved ones affect me. I’m naturally more optimistic. My husband is naturally more pessimistic. My kids are kids… still learning the art of gratitude. I want everyone to be at ease and enjoy both the journey and the destination, but I know it’s hard. Good thing the Disney World attractions are truly amazing. All the hard work and imagination it takes to bring together such a magical place is inspiring. I told my hubs I’m retiring in Florida and becoming a Disney lush.

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