Day 1

Running light footed Wind pushing me forward Breathing is a breeze. Clouds beneath my feet Bright and sunny skies above Music in my ears. Half a mile in My heart is beating faster My feet feel heavy. Yes! Stop sign ahead Run or walk…tough decision Run, you can do it. Focus on breathing Looking ahead…

A note from my kid

The other day I opened a red envelope that I pulled from my kid’s backpack. Inside was a letter that gave me a chuckle. Dear dad, I love you butt I do not like yur berd. I love Mom the most. Your friend, {unsigned}

Jolt, A Haiku

My heart stops beating Paddles jolt me back to life Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. 🙂 Speaking of being jolted, when I am jolted out of sleep I often experience this vibrational sensation that is really hard to explain and will sound crazy. But have you ever felt like you are vibrating or oscillating at…

A Timely Affair

Time! You drive me crazy. I am obsessed with you. I think about you all the time. I can’t get enough of you and your ticks. Baby, you are so precise. I only wish I could hold onto you. But you wait for no one. Tick, tick, tick, catch me if you can, you tease….


In celebration of World Poetry Day, here’s my attempt at writing minimally via a haiku… Leaves bound but swirling, releasing scents of citrus, hypnotize me now. And another haiku… Waiting patiently, as meshed earl grey tea bag steeps, staining hot water.  And perhaps another? Diced leaves so fragrant, sweating in boiling water, to serve as detox. Daily…

Disney Lush

We took the kids to Disney World this past weekend. It was our first trip there as a family. I was excited to escape to this magical place and be a kid again. I was especially excited to relive the magic of Disney through my kids’ eyes.  It’s suppose to be “The Most Magical Place…

Daily Prompt: Devastation

My first daily prompt! NO!! I can see it coming, but I can’t get there fast enough. My heart beats like the wings of a hummingbird… so fast, so strong…hurry… but my body is still…quivering. My heart flies out of my chest and into my throat…but it is too late.  My heart stops. My breath…

Leggo My Eggo

Happy New Year! I have to confess. I haven’t been feeling the happy nor the motivation of what a new year is suppose to bring. All I feel like doing is sleeping or binging Netflix, but then I feel like crap for not seizing the day and doing something creative.

Living on the Edge

Yesterday morning, as my minivan started up, the orange dot reminded me that “Shit, I forgot to fill up the tank. Oh, well, I have 7 miles left. That’s more than enough.”


Abandoned are these clothes that lie lifeless on the floor of my mobile home.