Life is a play A lila they say A resonance of spontaneity Of free flowing gaiety Not to be taken too seriously A creation of bliss So kiss all that exists For this play will soon Be missed. Just a short one before bed cuz this mama is tired. Sweet dreams, y’all! 😴 For dVerse’s…

Breaking News: The Fountain of Youth has been discovered!

As luck or fate would have it, Henry Holden, Sr. of Dripping Springs, TX hit the jackpot yesterday evening during a routine rinse in the shower before bed. He entered the shower a dirty old man of 68 and exited a clean young man of 28. The 40 year difference went unnoticed until he wiped…

Bread and Butter

Evening Craving, crunchy Mouthful of scratch-made dough, Lathered on creamy, golden dreams Of fat.


I GIVE UP. I’m throwing in the towel on these towels. The spinning is throwing everything off. 6th strike, and I’m out. Washed, but still wet.

Morning rain

It’s drizzling this morning. I am grateful for the rain and would not mind if it poured for a few days. We have been in drought for some time (except for the annual ice storm), so I have been slow to get my garden started. I lost a handful of plants from the ice storm,…


Shattered violet sky Uncompromising branches Still light breaks through clouds For Moonwashed Weekly prompt #132 – uncompromising Image by Barbara Iandolo from Pixabay

Sneak peek

Three sepals open Windows to vibrant red bud Waiting to unfold

Pizza night, a mirror cinquain

On bed Of melted cheese Lie crushed red pepper seeds Be careful which slice you proceed To feed. The burn On my tongue satisfies hunger Pains, keep me yearning for… More flavor and Water. For Colleen Chesebro’s #TankaTuesday #TheSpiceofLife #Poetry challenge No. 309

A Zombolien

I saw this design for a Snorg tee today. It made me laugh; all of my worst fears expressed so succinctly with a venn diagram on a t-shirt. 😂 It inspired me to name the fearful mish mash of a monster, the zombolien – part flesh eating zombie, part psychopathic, but extremely intelligent terminator-like robot,…


“Daddy, you’re old. Can I renew you?” “I am old. Do you mean you want to make me like new again?” “Yes, daddy, I can renew you!” “You can, eh? Do you have a fountain of youth?” “Yes, daddy, I AM the fountain! And I can make you new again!” “OH, that’s right, you ARE!…

Love, a garland cinquain

I learned about the garland cinquain today, which is “a series of six cinquains in which the last is formed of lines from the preceding five, typically line one from stanza one, line two from stanza two, and so on.” So, here’s a stab at it. I know Of nothing more Powerful, this desire To…